//How to make a make up storage bag ?

How to make a make up storage bag ?

Heart of beauty in everyone, not to mention it is in women. As everyone knows , women especially like makeup.      So , a storage bag will be necessary.

Today , we will learn how to make a makeup bag by hand.

At first , use jeans we don’t wear as the raw material to make the makeup storage bag. Cut four pieces of denims from the jeans.  Two piece are equally large rectangles , one piece is the rectangle has the same length but width less than another two , the last one is a narrow strip of cloth shorter than these three pieces cloths.
















Next, cut a strip of plaid cloth, this cloth is to be used for bounding, you can determine the width of the strip according to the width of them.







Fold the strip in half along the long side , scrape it with your nails, wrap it on one of the long sides of the denim, and then stitch it up. Then the long edge of the denim wrapped in the plaid cloth .










Wrap the three sides of the smallest denim in the same way, leaving a long side without wrapping.









Lay the middle size denim and the largest denim without pocket together. When stacking, align two long edges of them , then sew three parallel lines parallel to the short side of the denim. And the lines should be the same length as the short side.Then sew these two pieces of cloth together , these are uses ae the partition inside the storage bag .










Cut another stick of plaid ,fold the two edges of the strip to the middle position , then fold it in half, so that the edges are folded inside. Next, stitch the folded cloth strips together.








Sew this piece of cloth on the largest piece of denim with a pocket,the exact sewing place is in the middle of the short side of the pocket!









Next, turn the largest piece of cloth over to the bottom , then put the largest piece of denim and the smallest piece of denim in turn.Please note, aligning the side without bounding of the smallest piece of denim with the other long side of the largest piece denim .Then use the plaid cloth to warp the edge of the denim in the same way like before.








Cut a small round piece of cloth from the plaid and sew a running stitch along the edge of this cloth.









Then tighten the suture slightly, insert the cotton inside, and finally tighten the suture, then you finish a cloth button.











Sew the button on the narrow strip outside.








Fold the other end of the narrow strip a little bit, and fix the end of it to the narrow strip.








Then the storage bag be finished ,when you fold it up, tie the ring with the button and secure the tool kit.